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Self-Defence for Men, Women and Teens

Regardless of who you are, what age you might be or what level of fitness you may be at you can/could easily fall victim to an assault. It doesn't really matter what motivated the assault/crime, a physical assault is usually sudden and done when you're distracted or not paying attention - when you don't expect it.

In victimology there are many factors that trigger an assault, one of which is the relationship between the victim and the offender. There are other factors that also contribute to assaults and other crimes that can be discussed at length but since we're not in a criminology class let's stay on point.

No Fear Tactics To Trick You - You Decide

Whenever there is a spate of assaults on men and women many martial arts school operators will resort to using fear tactics to "scare" prospective students to take their 3-hour self defence course. Using this tactic is counter-productive in that it instills fear in every person who worries about being assaulted thus reinforcing the fact someone is out there hiding in the shadows waiting to attack them.

Let's keep this simple: out of the blue, you're being attacked! The reason you're being attacked is probably as simple as you are alone, or you look vulnerable and an easy mark, and more importantly - there is no one around who will come to help you no matter how loud you scream and shout for help. Don't dwell on the motive of the assault - focus on the moment!

There are no fear tactics used by East Coast Combat Hapkido Academy to trick you - when you are ready to take up a martial art or self defence we encourage you to come to our school and kick the tires, so to speak.

Two Categories of Crime And The Victim May or May Not Know The Attacker

There are two categories of crime: the instrumental crime and the expressive crime. There are many factors that contribute to crime such as environment, life style, social and financial status but, for our purposes, we will only focus on these two categories of crime to give us a better understanding of why certain crimes/assaults are committed.

The Instrumental Crime is the type of crime committed by a person who isn't able to get goods and services in the usual way, ie., work-earn money-spend; the criminal will resort to theft and other illegal activities to obtain them.

The Expressive Crime is the type of crime that is often impulsive, characterised by the desire to harm and control the victim and gaining gratification from the suffering of others by using violence.

So, you're being attacked. The last thing you want to do is spend precious time wondering why or how badly you'll be hurt. Your time and space continuum is a mere two to three seconds - from the moment the assault is launched to the moment of physical contact. This is the time to defend, overcome, and end the assault by injuring or knocking out the assailant to allow you to disengage from the situation.

Why Train at The East Coast Combat Hapkido Academy?

Okay, someone is attacking you. You will likely be injured but in the process you will try to defend yourself - it's our human instinct to do so no matter if we've never fought before. You may successfully defend yourself because you are trained, or strong, or put up a good fight and get away, or you don't succeed because you're not very strong, you don't know what to do or you've been blindsided or even duped.

Let's not dwell on the outcome of the assault. Let's focus on the actual moment of attack - those few seconds where everything begins and ends. For you this is the centre of the universe for that fleeting moment in time - nothing else matters.

Unlike other martial arts clubs that boast about how many tournaments they win, we actually possess the "real world" skills, knowledge, and experience students are looking for in a solid self-defence program - in other words, "been there, got the T-shirt." Add to that the already painfully unforgiving joint locks, strikes, and pressure point attacks of Combat Hapkido and you have a simple and efficient system of self-defence.

If you don't know how to defend yourself, we will teach you and you'll be better prepared to defeat an attack should it ever happen. At the Fournier Combat Hapkido Academy you will learn effective defensive techniques against all types of assaults, in a non-competitive training environment that is conducive to good learning. You will learn Hapkido techniques that will impede an attacker's ability to continue their assault. An ancient Asian koan reflects on the idea of training to prepare for that one time you might need those skills to defend yourself:

Better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardner in a war.

Still Not Sure if Combat Hapkido is For You?

If you want to see if Combat Hapkido is right for you, you are welcome to try a class or two or call/email Master Mike. Meanwhile, click on the video at the left for a quick look at some of the techniques you will learn at the Blue and Brown Belt levels.

If you want to see more videos on the different things we do at the Fournier Combat Hapkido Academy, go to the Fournier Combat Hapkido YouTube Channel. Here, you'll see our demonstration at the Halifax Central Public Library along with other instructional videos.


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If you are interested to see and feel Combat Hapkido and self-defence in action, drop in and try out a class. We are co-located with Balance Fitness Gym in the Westphal Plaza between the Panda Restaurant and the Bank of Nova Scotia.

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