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The Fournier Combat Hapkido Academy, previously known as the East Coast Combat Hapkido School, remains the original Canadian Combat Hapkido School (Charter 120296), co-founded by Master Mike, that first began teaching the Chon-Tu Kwan Hapkido program in 1996, as developed and first taught by Grand Master John Pellegrini in 1990; he went on to found the International Combat Hapkido Federation in 1992. As the oldest, continous Combat Hapkido charter school in Halifax and Canada, people from all walks of life have trained with us to successfully attain their Black Belts.

At the Fournier Combat Hapkido Acedemy, not only do we teach the Combat Hapkido curriculum of self-defence but we also deliver specialized/customized seminars and courses for our clients. The Academy is owned and operated by Senior Master Mike Fournier who provides the highest quality professional training any client would expect to receive.

Combat Hapkido Seminar Deliveries

Master Mike Fournier is an experienced instructor and authorized Combat Hapkido seminar leader, authorized to lead Combat Hapkido Seminars anywhere in Canada or internationally.

Master Mike brings a lifetime of combat arts and military training as well as military real-time operational and field experience to all of his workshops and seminars for the benefit of the participants. His skills and knowledge, and expertise are unrivalled and unique among his peers and an invaluable component to his workshops as are his experience as a Criminal Law and Criminology college instructor.

Master Mike is also an experienced Police Defensive Tactics Instructor making Combat Hapkido is ideally suited for the professional LEO as it involves easy takedowns in an arrest to enhance officer safety and reduce the potential for an officer to use of excessive force in making an arrest.

If you are a civilian Combat Hapkido is ideally suited for self-defence. You don't have to be athletic as Combat Hapkido is ideally suited for men, women and teens to learn simple and effective defensive techniques in an assault situation.

If you are a martial arts school, a martial artist, a professional security company/organization, or police/security officer that would like to know more about Combat Hapkido contact Master Mike to arrange a seminar in Combat Hapkido in your city.

Master Mike is available to come to your town or city to deliver a seminar in Combat Hapkido or any of the specialties listed below to your students, a group of martial artists, law enforcement officers or members of the public. Please do not hesitate to contact him for further details.

Ground Fighting Defensive Tactics (GFDT)

This seminar examines ground fighting techniques for the streets through the application of Hapkido and proven ground combat principles. It is ideal for the security professional and law enforcement officers who need that edge to recover from being overpowered by an assailant to one of control over the assailant. This is not training in BJJ, MMA or UFC.

Blunt Weapons Defence Tactics (BWDT)

This seminar deals with defensive techniques against a variety of blunt weapons that range in types and sizes, geared for all security personnel.

Edge Weapons Defence Tactics (EWDT)

This is an all-day seminar that applies defensive techniques against common attack situations involving edge weapons ranging in types and sizes. It is an excellent course for law enforcement officers and security professionals.

Gun Defence Tactics (GDT)

This is an all-day seminar that applies defensive techniques against situations involving guns (hand gun and long gun) used in hijackings or abductions. Like the EWDT, it is also an excellent course for law enforcement officers and security professionals.

Government Testimonial

Here is what a Nova Scotia Government employee had to say about their experience on a day-long seminar:

Good day HR,

Thanks for allowing my last minute entry into the course on the 7th. I wasn't planning on attending but am surely glad I did.

A few years ago, the Bedford inspectors were offered self-defense (may have been required at the time, not sure) at their office. I was one of the participants. However, the training provided was certainly not at the level provided by Mike Fournier. His course and instruction provided a lot of value and was everything that you'd like to get in a course. He was extremely well prepared, kept everyone fully engaged, which is hard to do with a group. No one clock watched or whined about standing for 3 hours to 4 plus hours at a time (as you may recall there were no chairs or tables in the room except the registration table). Everyone was intent on learning as much as they could. It was especially good that his session built on slight changes to repetitive techniques intent on forming a memory response to a threatening situation. The course left me and I dare say all the inspectors who attended wanting more a yearly refresher.

I thought it was really worthwhile and should be compulsory for all inspectors working in the field to take.




There are some companies and government departments and agencies that send their employees to foreign countries to work at a regional corporate office or an embassy or consulate. Some of these countries can be hostile due to high crime rates or a high incidence of kidnapping or hostage taking for ransom. Government and non-government organizations will seek out security updates from the Government of Canada's (GoC) Global Affairs Department. One thing your company or government department/agency will not get from the GoC is effective personal security and self-defence training.

You might have a gym in your workplace or in your living compound to maintain a health lifestyle but that won't help you when you are being set upon by one or several assailants. You need close quarters fighting skills and other survival tools to elevate your chance to disengage and seek out a safe haven. In simple Army terms, it's part of Planning and Preparation. Contact Master Mike at the email address at the bottom of this page if you have any questions or wish to set up a meeting. Everything discussed and planned is held in the highest confidence.


Many companies have focused their attention on their employees' mental and physical health. Some companies have been able to find space for mini gyms while others have a program where they pay a portion of their employees' memberships in local gyms. For those employees who want to get physically fit but are unable to use, or don't want to go to a gym facility, training in Hapkido at the East Coast Combat Hapkido Academy is another great way to get fit and develop self-confidence while learning useful self-defence techniques in a safe environment. Chon-Tu Kwan Hapkido is a great martial art to help the participant learn how to detect, diffuse or avoid workplace incident.


A continuing concern is the issue of bullying on and off school property as well as the other types of assaults our Nova Scotia teenaged boys and girls will experience. The government of Nova Scotia, and the federal government, have implemented laws and harsh punishments for bullies but the fact remains that bullies will still continue to do what they do and victims will be fearful for their safety. As for the other types of assaults parents might consider enrolling their sons and daughters in Combat Hapkido, the ideal martial art for any street situation. Visit our Teen Self-Defence Against Bullying page for more information.

Visit the Justice Laws Website to read more about Bill C-46 and read up on self defence by clicking this link:

The Criminal Code of Canada


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If you are interested to see and feel Combat Hapkido and self-defence in action, drop in and try out a class. We are co-located with Balance Fitness Gym in the Westphal Plaza between the Panda Restaurant and the Bank of Nova Scotia.

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